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You Can Rely On

The network cable installation service experts at Emerge-IP are unmatched in their mastery in building, repairing, monitoring, customizing, and installation of company networks. We ensure that your network is optimized to work for your organizations' unique needs.

What To Expect

Our Structured Cabling Offering


Vertical and horizontal backbone pathways, micro data centres, work area outlets, etc.


Cabling system conforms to the latest industry standard ANSI/TIA/EI


Long-term reliable copper and fibre optic network cabling.


Delivered by a team of highly experienced professionals.

Expericed & leading Structured Cabling Installers in the Toronto area offering unmatched high grade Cabling work, timely project completion and personalized services at competitive prices.

Workstations, conference rooms, cubicles and offices

Wiring for Speed and Efficiency.

As your system needs increase and complicated machinery is interconnected for high-speed communication, point-to-point cabling is impossible. This jumbled mess leads to accidental unplugs and safety hazards. To boost your speed and improve your bandwidth, companies of all sizes are pursuing structured cabling systems.

Emerge IP can help your small- to large-sized Ontario business with your cabling needs.

With a solution that organizes your system, we will establish cabling that grows as you do—not limiting your system capabilities. Our services aren’t just limited to the cables in the data center. We will help you with solutions that might include racks, hardware ports, network cabinets and running cables through specific areas.


Considering every contingency

At Emerge-IP, we understand that no two Ontario businesses are alike. When it comes to maximizing efficiency, a one-size-fits-all computer networking service just won’t do. We tailor make your computer cabling installation to cater specifically for your business needs as efficiently, and cost effectively as possible.

With our network cable installation services in Ontario, you can relax and not worry about whether your network or phones will be running. You can concentrate on what you do best with peace of mind that your cabling structure is sound and working.

How to solve poor connection issues?

Structured Wiring services can be for brand new spaces, renovations, upgrades and more. A fresh, new cabling infrastructure can be used to solve poor connection issues and improve speeds and your overall network.