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Does Your Business Have An Omni-Channel Strategy?

Emerge IP offers one of the most scalable cloud contact centers, developed specifically for remote work forces and mobile users. Having a clever omni-channel strategy will allow your business to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Omni-Channel Strategy

Developed to deliver the highest quality experience to users without the need for significant investment.

Call Distribution

Handle calls in a more evenly distributed fashion with queuing.

Reporting Options

Real-time and historical call reporting and statistics.

Recording client calls

Calls can be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Auto Call Transferring

Calls can transfer between queues depending on agent availability.

Multiple Queues

Allow your agents to log into one or multiple queues to handle your needs.

Free Up Your IT Staff

No need to support, upgrade, or maintain your own call centre. We’ll do that for you!

What Makes Us Unique

Contact Centre Solutions


Contact Center customers experience intelligent routing, call management and high-quality voice for their high-priority issues.


Chat with customers in-app, on the web, or through text. Customer today want different forms of communication besides voice. Give them quick answers without having them on hold to speak to an agent.


Use mobile device features for sharing photos, videos, screenshots and more. Incorporate the digital world into your customer support.

How Our Contact Centre Solutions Help Your Business

Improved Customer Experience

You can ensure an excellent experience through a contact center. Customer service is a significant value proposition for your business and having a well established contact center can ensure an excellent experience for your clients. To have available self-service capabilities a customer can interact through the channel of their choice.

Greater Efficiency

Contact centers will improve your business productivity when responding to numerous customer requests. When your work force management can be scaled and supervised to route customer requests to the most appropriate resource, business interactions become more efficient.

Creates a Company Brand

The ideal customer service experience is one that reflects your brand. Companies that focus on service at all costs to the customer vs companies who provide service at minimal cost. Customers remember the companies that go all out to please their client base and with that they remember the company brand. Think about Apple and the symbol their brand represents.

Competitive Advantage

Today's consumers are different. They expect and end-to-end engagement with companies that they do business with and this means being able to have instant access to service in real time. Typically they are going to start on a mobile device or some type of digital tool. Businesses who adopt these real time service tools will have the competitive advantage over their competitors.

Why Should Emerge IP Handle Your Next Project?

Canadian businesses have trusted in our services and our products for over 22 years. We have received numerous reviews from many companies who believe. We stand behind our products and installation, with our team of field technicians and remote support technicians.

  • Servicing Vaughan, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, and all the surrounding areas. We have capabilities and the technicians to conduct installations and services in any part of Canada.
  • Response time is 2-hours for any major system failure.
  • Even with minor adjustments we’re committed to solving the problem within 24 hours.
  • Flexible pricing and a wide range of technology options.
  • Our sales team hold multiple certifications to deliver projects on-time and within budget.
  • We offer only the best customer service with a 5-star rating. Call and speak to a live attendant.

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